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making another flash game!

2009-03-25 20:06:11 by alakpatol

well, its not finished yet... but hopefully im done with it this summer... anyway.. here is a screenshot and a little demo of what ive done so far...

its one of those spaceship games! hahaha!

DEMO e2129d949f2de13c51.html

left arrow key to turn left
right arrow key to turn right
up arrow key to accelerate forward

*note: please click on the screen of the game first to make sure your controlling the ship
**note: there is no decelerate, i did not want thrusters in front of the ship.. to make it more challenging! hahah!

it features close to life physics! im very pleased with the physics i have incorporated in it.. there are rotations, torque and moments of inertia. the spin actually affects your speed. each object has their own mass and moment of inertia...

of course the demo is still a bit glitchy... the collision detection is only checked on each frame, so the collisions between frames is not detected.. this causes the boundaries to overlap! ahahaha! i have found a solution that uses binary search but i have not implemented it yet....

the finished product will have missile or laser projectiles in it (which ever is cooler.. hmm, maybe both! hahaha!).. posibly a UFO fleet with smart AI (but im new with making AI).. and flawless physics algorithm (with a good collision detection algorithm)..

suggestions will be welcomed!

making another flash game!


2008-10-07 00:14:27 by alakpatol

ok, im not really new here at newgrounds.. I've been visiting this site for like 5 years now! haha!

gotta say, i love this site! expect more of my work next time (when im not busy at school).. well thats it! check out my work! and dont forget to comment!